Introducing the affordable  Smart Factory 

Lola's IIoT-enabling suite, Electronic Batch Processing™,

makes Perfect Process Batches every time

  • recipes exact  and repeatable

  • no more lost product

  • data-driven decision-making

  • predictive maintenance

  • pays for itself in weeks

  • any factory - old or new

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Electronic Batch Processing

 the flexible way 

to keep you in control 

It's here - now!

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Observe & Record

A portable tablet and a zoom camera for batches?  Get rid of paper and instantly move to electronic recording - effortlessly.  Wait 'till you see what these very familiar things can do in your factory...

Measure & Record

Too complicated?  Not at all! 

Enter the new era of measurements that speak to you.  No matter the age of your factory, start the first day.  Color, viscosity, more ... instantly actionable  for provable perfection ...  

Manufacture & Record

Hard to imagine - but there are three different ways to your perfect batch, one to fit any budget and suitable for any factory.   Even better:  two of them require no change in your factory or your standard operating procedure... 

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    Frequency, Power, Temperature

    At constant frequency you can see that power to agitate the batch goes up as temperature decreases. Now everyone can have data like this - and use it to optimize production the first day. IIoT/Electronic Batch Production makes this data visible to authorized users anywhere in the world.