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use PBF to feel your way to perfect batches

Built from TraKit  and 

products  in Analytics

especially Process Batch Fingerprint 

OmniBatch, unlike the DART controller is an entirely passive product,  silently recording data from three sources, but not changing  any manufacturing devices.  The sources  are TraKit, Optical Analyzer and Process Analyzer.  Data from each is ported to the Cloud providing a vast amount of information including times of addition of ingredients to the tank (TraKit), color and particulates (Optical), temperature and power in the tank (Process).  What turns these three separate ANA products into OmniBatch, an integrated Solution, is OmniPlot.  This Cloud-based routine can generate an unlimited stream of Process Batch Fingerprints from the  data.  

Use the gallery to see how this is done.  Click on the arrow to advance to the next slide or click anywhere else inside the chart to go into full-screen mode.

The first panel will seem outrageously complicated ... we know that.  But you will soon appreciate how you are in control of all this and how really straightforward and useful it is thanks to the features built into OmniPlot.

Omni Plot enables you to choose multiple Process Batch Fingerprints.  You have freedom to examine any combination you can imagine, though of course ANA can select several specific basics ones. Then you can isolate these and compare from batch to batch, checking that you have replicated the PBFs and, when not, seeing exactly where the process went off-track so that you can be sure to fix the problem.  Common reasons are: incorrectly reported ingredient-addition times; improper temperature; mixing at wrong speed or for too short (or too long) a time. 

With OmniBatch you are assured of full awareness of everything that happens in your process batches.

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