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Lola realized from its inception that the challenges batch manufacturers face require more than a small improvement here or a new measurement there.  Breakthrough advances in productivity require a re-vision, a New Way of addressing the system of problems.  The Industrial Internet of Things, as implemented with Electronic Batch Processing is that New Way.  And Lola lowered the entry hurdle by designing all its products in modular format, making them individually useful and instantly up-gradable.   Now you can enter the world of measurements, analyses, and controls at your own pace. 


We started as NYSERDA grant recipients with a single question – “Using our skill set, what technology can we develop that will modernize old factories, making them fully competitive in the global marketplace?”  The choice was simple: focus on manufacturing the batch. 


We addressed the commercial opportunities two ways:

  • the manufacturer’s perspective – “How high is the quality of the batch?  How much rework and waste is there?  How much does this part of the manufacturing cost?”

  • the factory’s customers’ perspective – “How dependable is the quality of the manufactured products?  Can this factory easily adjust to making new products, responsive to consumer wishes?  How certain is it that manufactured products will stay acceptable throughout the shelf-life of the product?”


Of course, the manufacturer is directly concerned with the customer’s perspective.  Together this suite of challenges became the problem set for the New Way.


The guiding principle in Lola's Electronic Batch Processing, is to develop products that are not only effective at what they do – automate, quantitate, communicate – but also simple to learn and use.  Unsurprisingly, this approach suits new construction equally well.  Ultimately, the starting question is: How can Lola help all batch manufacturers – large and small, old and new - to optimize production?


And that “skill set” referenced earlier … From the oil patch to clean-air emissions; from defense in nuclear war to civilian laser applications; from laboratory instruments to medical diagnostic devices, our breadth of experience has exposed us to a range of problem-solving methods unlike any other.   Lola New Way technology is not only different from the conventional methods, but better because we have re-solved, re-imaged, re-juvenated batch manufacturing from the ground up. 

Designed to be 21CFR11 compliant, Lola expects certification in the near future.

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