it's useful only if you control the controller

The problem with automation: how to program the recipe 

Automation has a unique meaning with the Electronic Batch Processing concept. Of course, as with all automation implementations, a great deal of reliance is placed on electronic processors such as PLCs and Field I/Os to control a process.

But batch manufacturers are usually confronted with the need to modify or create new processes on a routine basis.  Routinely, after the contractor has left the plant and the automation has been installed, you are left with the problem of programming the units, perhaps several times a month.  Keeping up with this demand has necessitated reliance on expensive consultants or hiring specialists - two expensive choices.

A truly advanced Smart Factory - one operating with IIoT-ready technologies using Electronic Batch Processing  - permits rapid changes for product customization... the easier to change over, the more responsive you can be to your clients' needs. Additionally, getting the Recipe to the process computer is a snap using the EBP methods.   So, too, is seeing the status of the batch as it moves toward completion.

DART's UDI software: the simplest solution

To address these issues, to enable small to mid-size factories to level the playing field and compete globally even with the largest corporations, ANA offers the DART system - hardware, software and data storage.

ANA's solution to the programming problems is UDI, the product name of DART software. UDI is a form of automated-recipe-creation so intuitive and so easy to learn, that existing factory personnel will be programming controllers the first day.

You can try UDI - and sample Electonic Batch Processing - risk free 

UDI can be added to existing PLC installations, effectively expanding the range and flexibility of these controllers.  For new installations ANA offers a streamlined, intuitive, easily maintained controller of its own, the DART.

There is even a way to try out the DART approach without any of the usual requirements to make infrastructural changes such as addition of solenoid valves up-to-date variable frequency drives. Called DART Lite, this concept generates recipes using UDI and the operator works from a PC-based recipe center located at the tanks.

As with the full-scale DART, this product is also IIoT coupled, providing you experience with the look & feel of a fully operating system.

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