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DART Hardware

targeted to the process batch industry

The reason Lola’s  DART Controller looks different from any other controller you've ever seen is because it was designed specifically for process manufacturing. Instead of a starting with an all-purpose PLC controller and custom wiring, ANA simplifies wiring by grouping functionalities, as can be seen in the figure.  Assembly of the systems is quick and foolproof. Field installation is simplified since the path all the way to the terminal block is clear to see. ANA is grateful to PSE&G (New Jersey) for a generous grant that funded implementation of this design.
The DART has two principal connection streams. One is for operation of the device on the tanks. To use DART the factory itself must be automation-enabled, meaning valves, thermal probes and variable frequency drives on the tanks must be of the type able to be interfaced with electronics.  The other stream is with the PC from which the DART controller obtains instructions - the Recipe - and to which it offers feedback and measurement data.     
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