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often, not being there is so much better: faster AND recorded 

The Electronic Batch Processing tool to deliver expertise quickly and save it permanently is TripSaver.  Take advantage of the speed of Cloud-based communication.  Connect with whoever needs to be part of your effort ... Instantly share what you know with those off-site or get help from from your experts located anywhere in the world.  Uniting your team with your factory is only an Internet click away.  And the power of this virtual presence is amplified with the real-time measurement abilities that TripSaver smoothly integrates.

The best part of all?  TripSaver uses familiar items.  ANA’s intuitive software interface - shown below - combines with laptop, headphones, zoom camera and multi-meter, to make sessions, "virtual tours", a snap.

Your sessions - including audio/video, measurement data and documents are  recorded, saved and easily retrieved for later review.

These buttons give the broadcaster simple and complete control over the session. The three video channels can be supplied, as shown here, with different features, or for specialized products like SeeBatch, with three zoom cameras.

TripSaver's viewer screen allows you to select what data you want to see.  Here, an operator is probing terminals with a multimeter and the viewer has selected to tablulate the voltages as well as plot them, all while watching what the probe tip is touching.

While participating in the session, the viewer can contribute notes which serve as a useful guide for review, as shown next. 

With TripSaver viewers are encouraged to participate in a very meaningful way.

They add notes, called NowEvents, during a session.

These help video reviewers locate the time an event of interest occurred. 

These notes are very helpful in calling attention to the important moments of a session. You don't have time to go through the entire eighteen minutes of this video to locate the important points - and you don't have to.  The Now Events table, which are the viewer notes, identifies what those in the session considered significant and points to the times in the video where that item is discussed.   SeeBatch explains NowEvents in detail, offering a specific application.   NEs can enrich any session.

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