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Flexible by Design

It's not just IIoT,  but IIoT with a turbocharged ROI

Electronic Batch Processing, our IIoT-enabling suite, has been designed from the ground up to pay for itself quickly. The components are dynamically productive, meaning that as more are added, each the EBP ensemble becomes even more effective, never obsoleting an earlier investment.

Your productivity tools designed with the two goals you want most

1. You want the most for your money, so flexibility is essential.  

All of our products are modular, flexibly allowing a mixing and a matching that is unparalleled. Consider, as an example,  the Process  Variable Analyzer.  It works perfectly well by itself, reporting to a PC for local use. Or, it can connect in IIoT fashion to the Internet, its files uploading to a Cloud database when the process is complete.  Now anyone you authorize can work with the data - and they can be anywhere.  We don't stop there: the Process Variable Analyzer can also be configured as a group tool with data streaming to remote observers with whom you wish to share information in real-time, as you advance to the Smart Factory. Indeed, this module, intended primarily for batch manufacturing, can be used in the lab - in all three formats.  Moreover, it can stand alone or be coupled to a TripSaver to add an audio/video dimension; this is a more sophisticated IIoT-enabled solution. That's Electronic Batch Processing at its core: do whatever is needed to optimize cost/benefit.

2. You want the least downtime, so simplicity is a must.

Everything ANA supplies is simple  to operate, not because we disrespect the intelligence of your staff, but because we know they are busy.  Busy people need quick responses, direct answers and ... needless to say, equipment that doesn't demand days and weeks of training. 

EBP: IIoT that effortlessly bring you to the Smart Factory

Flexibility means an unrestricted imagination for helping you, our client,  do whatever it takes to solve a problem.  

  • Need a way to document an installation, a project, a malfunction?  TraKit will handle that so much better than a written document because it combines text, images, bar codes and videos into one searchable, Cloud-available file.  Don’t write it: show it!

  • Need an expert?  Call on TripSaver to help you share the problem instantly to anyone, anywhere.  Don’t ask the expert to travel by car or plane: let the expertise travel at the speed of light.

Flexibility means you've already noticed that ANA products, designed to be flexible, will do more than give you perfect batches.  They will offer you a host of delightful additional ways to solve all kinds of other practical problems you face every day.   Let us work together, starting from your problem, asking "what do you need?" rather than "how do we force a pre-packaged solution to work?"      

Inflexible IIoT?  When necessary!

There is one place where rigidity rules: data.  Our measurements, videos, audio… you name it … are all designed to be permanent and unalterable.  Whatever your staff has done - right or wrong - with Lola's products you will know with certainty. 

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