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DART Software

"programming" has never been so easy

DART run-time GUI


  • Icons show status of devices (red off/green on)

  • Dashboard showing VFD and temperature setpoints and status.

  • Recipe instructions (lower left)

  • Four separate tanks


Universal DART Interface - UDI

A DART software upgrade applied to a PLC system looks exactly the same as the GUI above.  The software is called the Universal DART Interface (UDI) because it can operate with several types of controllers, making Recipe writing independent of the type selected.   UDI, a genuinely automatic procedure,  frees the operator from the necessity of manual inputs on an HMI screen, allowing instead for the Recipe to speed up your manufacturing process while making it perfectly accurate and repeatable. The only interruption is for adding ingredients. 

Universal Recipe Editor, URE

ANA provides you with a separate application, the URE, for building the Recipe.  URE makes it easy for you to craft Recipes by letting you click icons to insert an instruction, creating a stress-free experience by providing confirmation of each step with a plain English text of the instruction.  The Recipe can be created on any PC.  Since the DART process runs on a PC, Lola provides a convenience feature: upload to the Cloud for a subsequent download to the run-time PC.  As seen in the DART Lite section, the URE can give you a sense of automating your process batches even before you've wired a single device.


Database - setpoint & actual

All your devices operated by the Recipe – steam control, variable frequency drives, temperature probes, pH meters and more – record their set points and actual values in a database.  From the db the data can be located, retrieved and downloaded for verification, comparison or investigational purposes.

The procedure is automatic - and it generates repeatable process batches.  Yet it may still be desirable to subject the DART-made batches to a PBF analysis or even a more detailed, mathematical review.   UDI provides the data to do all that and more. 

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