clear, accessible, retrievable: the foundation of a powerful IIoT implementation

Communication - Ingredients and procedures need to be synced; people and devices must be correctly directed; the unexpected needs to be handled promptly. Even when all goes well, records need to be kept; and when they don't, clear and complete documentation is the best way to problem-solve.   

Lola's Electronic Batch Processing seamlessly integrates communication into production

TraKit  challenges you to reinvent - and immediately implement - the routine of filling out a batch sheet.  Replacing pen and paper, ANA offers TraKit as the preferred Cloud-connected alternative for recording batch information.  After a minute's initial installation time on any Android tablet, your operator is immediately ready to login and get to work. Using the tablet is so simple and convenient that the operator can just add it on while maintaining the old paper standard; you have no risk in trying it out now. TraKit automatically records the precise date/time and ID-signature of the operator with every uploaded entry.  As if all that weren't enough, you will also enjoy  immediate and secure access to the TraKit entries. That means instant updates from anywhere on the progress of any batch - you will always know what your operators have done.  Join the IIoT bandwagon.  See what else TraKit has to offer.

TripSaver  is object-oriented telepresence, as opposed to Video Conferencing, which is person-oriented telepresence.  It is perhaps the ultimate IIoT product, uniting people and data, machines and ideas clearly, quickly and - since it is records everything - permanently. It does for video conferencing what TraKit does for paper batch recording: capture the essential need and then advance into valuable new territory.  TripSaver expands video conferencing in two directions:

  1. Instrumentation: TripSaver lets your operators make and stream important batch-related measurements while broadcasting and speaking.  The viewers seem to be standing next to the operator, directing and watching everything; the viewers are virtually present at your site, but seeing only what you want them to see. 

  2. Time: Site visits require preparation and trip reports. The TripSaver system recognizes these as professional requirements. In fact, built-in are practical tools to make these responsibilities easier to do and more informative than is possible for on-site visits.  For example, as part of the preparation, documents - even batch recipes - can be uploaded to the session room. These are accessible in real-time to all the participants.  All data - A/V, measurements, text - is recorded in a tamper-proof, searchable database and is available after the session for review by participants and anyone else you select.  Want to know what your remotely-located formulator advised your operator about a particular batch problem?  You can - at any time.


And then it does even more... The viewers are able to type in notes during a session. These notes, called NowEvents,  are attached to the video recording, specifying the time they were written and the identity of the author.  NowEvents add clarity and save time.  See how 

TripSaver reduces the lag time between identification of an opportunity or a problem and its being addressed to a minimum.  The expertise, not the expert is what travels... at the speed of light.  TripSaver for Electronic Batch Processing.

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