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the  secure Batch notebook that allows the supervisor to "listen in"

TraKit tablet for batch process communication

Click on the images for videos describing TraKit's BatchCom application.

TraKit, a multi-purpose app usable on any Android device, can be adapted specifically for recording batch information.  As BatchCom, the process manufacturing version, it records time-critical events such as the inputs for any batch card.  The operator enters the text into one of five specific fields, clicks  UPLOAD, and the information is sent to the Cloud with a precise time stamp, automatically provided by the server.  

There is much more that BatchCom can do including requesting attention by sending a text message to the supervisor’s phone; using bar codes for identification; and adding images and videos to supplement documentation of the process.

You can even sign-off on a task without being on-site. Text, images and video form the traceable basis for your decision and your password-protected response with your User ID is the equivalent of your signature. 

Click on the image at left to see an introductory video and on the one below to see how BatchCom meshes naturally with existing batch sheets.

QA staff can easily locate batch data at any time - no more searching for stray sheets of paper.  Moreover, use of the Cloud enables the production supervisor to check in on the progress of a batch in progress, just as seen in the image below.


TraKit's Cloud-based DB showing batch material additions, readings - all timestamped
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