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Lola announces to the world

Shoutout A -The Gold Standard for batch manufacturing: defined and delivered


"What makes UDART so special for us is that it combines two great needs: simplicity of operation and absolute total security of our recipes."  

Armando Chapelliquen, Director of Operations 

Jos. H. Lowenstein & Sons, Brooklyn, NY


Simplicity is a great place to start.  If your staff can't get it going on Day One, it's not an ANA product!  But watch carefully to see what else a Gold Standard ought to be ...

Introducing UDART the Gold Standard for Process Control

... Dependable

... Quantitative


An automated recipe runs each step correctly and at the proper time: a flawless batch is guaranteed.


The electronically recorded recipe is easily retrieved: every step done to a batch can be provably audited.


With measurement data, the batch itself is monitored: QA is continuous from start to finish.

​And how about this as part of the Gold Standard?  Low cost.

Prices start at only $10K per tank.


Want to get your hands on a completely free copy of that recipe-writer used in the video?


Interested to know what else the UDART Gold Standard can do?


Click here

Lola Software Solutions Pvt Ltd.     513-437-2297



Shoutout B - Automation meet TraKit: the manual batch-manufacturer's magic wand

"TraKit, an elegantly simple Android application, is a twist on standard IIoT.  Unlike typical IIoT apps that generate lots of data, TraKit provides lots of information."  

Tino Oliveri, IT Consultant, Strategist, Executive


(To learn more about Tino's expertise and to read his full review of ANA, click here)


A way to guarantee that each recipe step is done correctly and at the proper time is undoubtedly the most important but most fragile requirement for manufacturing flawless batches.  TraKit does that with ease - and faster than you can wave a magic wand! 


Provably Demonstrate that the recipe step was done right


TraKit shares many of the advantages of the top-of-the-line UDART, described in last week's message, "The Gold Standard for batch manufacturing."  It assists the operator and it assures the supervisor.


Yet TraKit requires


  • no wiring

  • no change to your standard operating conditions

  • almost no time to learn or to use.  


Operators and supervisors can write to the database and read from it as easily as with email.  While the operator is guided to perform each task correctly, the supervisor knows that all the information he needs is a click away.

Still not satisfied?  How about the fact that prices start at only $50/month.


For more details and an absolutely free 30-day trial of TraKit, click here.


Lola Software Solutions Pvt Ltd.     513-437-2297


Lola shows its elite offerings in a virtual showroom.  Watch this Lola's Testbed Video.



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