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Tino is an independent IT expert who has consulted for ANA over several years.  We want you to know who he is ...


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... how he interacted with ANA, and what he thinks of ANA's Cloud-based/IIoT products.

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Dr. Alan Ganz

ANA Inc.

39 Westmoreland Avenue

White Plains, NY 10606


Dear Alan,

Consulting for ANA is both enjoyable for me and productive for you, because I have been encouraged to participate as a team member in planning and developing your products. My role has been to represent the concerns of corporate IT departments, a rationally risk-averse group. It says a lot about the quality of our joint professionalism that you involve IT expertise before committing to a strategy. Enterprise-ready software must be both effective and safe. While I admire the very imaginative solutions I have seen, I think what impresses me even more is your willingness to amend or even abandon methods that appear marginal. We have worked together on several projects and I am delighted to offer my opinions about your IIoT manufacturing packages.

TraKit, an elegantly simple Android application, is a twist on standard IIoT. Unlike typical IIoT apps that generate lots of data, TraKit provides lots of information. By cleverly leveraging the Cloud, TraKit enables replacement of paper documentation with electronic files that include images and videos. Manufacturing supervisors can check these files any time and immediately get a vividly clear understanding of progress and the accuracy of execution. With TraKit, IIoT is elevated to promoting improved product quality, increased accountability of workers, and enhanced peace of mind for supervisors. I have no doubt the principles in TraKit can be extended to operate in many other areas.

I pushed you hard on TripSaver because this is one product that must succeed; it’s a service to humanity. Everyone needs TripSaver, even if they do not realize it yet. TripSaver made me reconsider not only the number of ways that time can be saved, but also why it should be saved. Sure, traveling – even locally – takes time and money. But when I think about problem situations that need to be handled NOW – and that are either handled by expensive on-site attendants or not handled at all - I appreciate the many ways a “quick-connect” product like TripSaver can be so beneficial. With TripSaver – especially in its newly simplified Cloud-resident format that I so enthusiastically favor – the distance between problem and expert problem-solver may be thousands of miles, but the time separation is only seconds.

While TraKit and TripSaver are communication tools with broad applications, the ANA AccuBatch has a more sharply defined scope, which is to manufacture batches provably accurate via a constant stream of actionable data. AccuBatch is a refreshing example of how ANA has shaped its vision of the Industrial Internet of Things. Originally the Internet of Things connected lots of simple sensors to a processing server. Now AccuBatch elegantly merges three sophisticated sources, each with its own unique algorithms into multiple Cloud-based servers, generating, an IIoT product that can deliver manufacturing-quality as a service, MQaaS. AccuBatch as MQaaS, is clearly effective, providing real-time batch status. I think this is an area that it is also eminently scalable leading to its world-wide acceptance as a standard.


Tino Oliveri

January 10, 2019

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