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Automation meet TraKit:

the manual batch-manufacturer's magic wand

We’re very excited about releasing TraKit which is an Android app that has been extensively field-tested for robustness and applicability to real-world issues.  We’ll make TraKit-Basic, the lowest cost way to manufacture flawless batches, available on Google Play in a few days.  To get two passwords – one for the operator, one for the supervisor – please fill out the contact form and add the words “TraKit-Basic free-trial”.  We’ll send you directions.


We plan to offer a free 30-day trial – but through the month of February we will extend that to 60 days.  Afterward the trial period the price will be $50/month or $500/year when paid in advance.


As this promotional video for Lola’s UDART technology makes clear, it is human limitations that inevitably limit batch quality.


Supervisors!  Why worry? With TraKit you always know for sure that your operators have properly done each process step.  They prove it.  You need not even check the database since your operators know you can, and that they are accountable for accurate completion of each step.

Though nothing beats the automation of the Gold Standard, the magic wand that TraKit provides to operators enables operators to compete well against computers.

  • Operators are accountable!  When they do a task and what they have done is permanently documented in immediately informative text, pictures and videos.  Operators do this so effortlessly, TraKit can be used along-side paper batch cards.  There is even a provision for audio messages, eliminating the need for operators ever needing to write more than a few words.

  • Supervisors work mostly undisturbed, checking the database whenever they want and from anywhere they happen to be – in a meeting or even out of the building - since all information is in the Cloud. 

  • Supervisors can become instantly involved when needed: for a sign-off or an emergency.  The operator sends text message to the supervisor’s cell phone, requesting the supervisor to check the database.  With precise documentation supplemented with audio explanations from the operator, the supervisor can quickly assess the situation.  And the response back to the factory floor is lightning quick.

TraKit: like UDART, but only human

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